Evening Routine

I’ve always been a night owl. I feel simultaneously more productive and more relaxed after the sun sets. And after a long day at of work or life, there is nothing I love more than winding down and doing some of my favorite things. I’ve developed a routine that is equal parts pamper and self-care to share with all of you. I’ve also included a mini skin routine.  I like to do this on a Friday evening to take advantage of a rare night without plans or Sunday evening to close out the weekend.

7:30pm — I like to bring flesh flowers home and open a window to bring some freshness into my living space. And then I immediately take off all my makeup. I like to do this with cotton pads and micellar water. Ever since I’ve run out of my Bioderma, I’ve been testing the Garnier ones, and so far, they work exactly the same. I also change into comfy clothes to lounge in, take out my contacts and pull my hair up into a bun. Transformation complete.

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8pm — I have dinner. I like to treat myself to something I’ve really been craving but isn’t heavy enough to knock me out. Some of my go-to’s: pot-stickers, soup, sushi. I like to eat on my sofa, since I never do so during the week, and put on one of the many TV shows I need to catch up on. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but sometimes I’ll follow this up with a little ice cream (my pick: Talenti pistachio gelato).


9pm — After dinner, I put away my phone. This is crucial. NO checking emails, texts or social media. Then, I light all the candles in my apartment, turn off my overhead lights, turn on the fairy lights I have strewn about and set the mood for ultimate winding down. I’m serious when I say nothing makes me happier. I like to have a bath when I really want to pamper myself, but a long shower works too.

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9:15pm — I light candles in the bathroom and draw a bath, usually with a a bath bomb/bubble bar from Lush. Have I not mentioned, treat yo’ self? This is also the perfect time to put on a face mask and let the bath’s steam activate it. My favorites are the GlamGlow Mud Mask or the Fresh Rose Face Mask. I’ll bring in my laptop and either play music I love (I’m partial to Khalid right now) or a stand-up comedy special — anything I can close my eyes and enjoy. I get in my bath and soak for as long as I like. Sometimes, I’ll also do a body scrub and/or hair mask. Do it all, go crazy.

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10pm — After a bath, I like to put on my cutest, comfiest pajamas and continue treating my skin. After a mask, I’ll put on a toner, serum, emulsion and a sheet mask. I’ve found that going about an extended skin regimen really relaxes me and gives me time to breathe and focus inwards.

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10:15pm — I make a cup of caffeine-free/sleepytime tea in my favorite mug. For some reason, I’ve had a tough time falling asleep since winter started, and I find this doesn’t help, but I still really enjoy it. I spray some linen spray onto my comforter and get into my cloud-like bed, and depending on when I want to fall asleep, I either read a novel or watch a movie. Since my brain is on TV all week because of my job, watching a movie feels like a luxury.

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12am — I turn off my laptop and anything else I might have on with a blue light, but I will leave my music playing for a little longer as I get ready for bed. I like to brush my teeth and then oil pull — a process that takes at least 15 minutes, so it’s definitely a luxury. I take off my sheet mask and put on a night cream or retinol. I turn off all of my lights and most importantly, sleep. Sleep for anywhere between 8-10 hours, because that is the ultimate way to treat yo’ self.

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There you guys go. That’s my evening/pamper routine. With my incredibly hectic life, I find it vital to have a few nights where I am unplugged from the rest of the world and solely focused on relaxation. I love learning about how other people wind down, and I hope you found this helpful, if not inspiring. I used to be awful at the concept of relaxing, and having a routine has really helped force me to slow down and take care of myself.

If you do any of these things or if you have any interesting parts to your nighttime routine, please leave it in the comments below!

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